Saturday, January 23, 2021

Lyft "priority mode" promises more work for drivers that agree to a 10% pay cut


"We launched Priority Mode at the beginning of the pandemic to help drivers stabilize their earnings and give them another option around how to make the best use of their time," a Lyft spokesman said in an email. "It's one of the many ways we are continually working to improve the platform so drivers can reach their personal goals."


Both Lyft and Uber have consistently cut drivers' pay over the years. About a decade ago, when the companies first started out, drivers could reportedly expect to make roughly $20 per hour after expenses. Now that number is believed to have dropped by half. 

Meanwhile, in Brexit news:

the government is looking at scrapping some EU labour laws now it is no longer bound by the bloc's rules.


Confirming the review on Tuesday, [Business Secretary Kwasi] Kwarteng told MPs there would be no "bonfire of rights".

"I think the view was that we wanted to look at the whole range of issues relating to our EU membership and examine what we wanted to keep, if you like," he said.

But he said "the idea that we are trying to whittle down standards, that's not at all plausible or true".

But a labor victory in New York:

A weeklong strike at the nation’s largest wholesale produce market ended Saturday after workers overwhelmingly approved a deal that includes their largest pay increase in decades and more money for health coverage.


The market remained open during the strike, with management bringing in temporary workers and using police and private security to safeguard delivery trucks.