Saturday, January 9, 2021

"If inter-state war can exist in the gray zone, below the legal threshold, it stands to reason that so too can civil war"


The former head of the Missouri Republican Party says she resigned last week, three weeks before her term was due to expire, because of "increasingly disturbing" messages from supporters of President Donald Trump.


"Folks calling and demanding a military coup," Evans says "or that we organize and bus people to D.C. to protest, which is something we don't do." 

Reason, interviewing Rep. Peter Meijer (R–Mich.):

And then one of the saddest things is I had colleagues who, when it came time to recognize reality and vote to certify Arizona and Pennsylvania in the Electoral College, they knew in their heart of hearts that they should've voted to certify, but some had legitimate concerns about the safety of their families. They felt that that vote would put their families in danger.