Friday, January 8, 2021

Protesters in Pakistan have blocked a highway with the bodies of relatives killed by assassins

Al Jazeera:

Hundreds of ethnic Hazara protesters, members of a community that has faced more than 20 years of targeted attacks that have killed hundreds, have been blocking a highway in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province, since the attack took place on Sunday.

The 10 miners were apprehended by gunmen at a coalmine, identified as belonging to the Hazara community and then executed, security officials say.

The ISIL (ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement.

Since the attack, the relatives of those killed placed their coffins on a highway in Quetta and refused to bury the dead until the killers were apprehended and [the prime minister] came to meet them.


The National Commission on Human Rights estimates that more than 2,000 Hazaras – adherents of the minority Shia Muslim sect, and easily targeted due to their distinctive facial features – have been killed in targeted attacks since 2004.

They have been subject to targeted shootings and mass bomb and suicide attacks, particularly in Quetta, where the majority of the country’s estimated half a million Hazaras reside.