Sunday, January 3, 2021

The virtual, psychedelic light show at the Space needle on New Year's Eve

By Terry Morgan of Modern Enterprises.  The Seattle Times has the story:
Two weeks later, he was meeting with Karen Olson, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer at the Space Needle. After eight months of planning and designing a pyrotechnic show, she was in the market for a solid Plan B as the coronavirus began its predicted cold-weather surge and King County banned large public gatherings.

“And I told her about this dream,” Morgan said.

She was intrigued, so Morgan recruited the Budapest-based computer mapping company Maxin10sity to submit concepts. He’s worked with the company as an associate producer before, most notably for Seattle residents on the “Borealis: A Festival of Light” installation at South Lake Union in 2018. The digital artists came back quickly with sketches, which Olson and her colleagues approved.


Anyone looking directly at the Needle will see it lit with magenta lights and nothing more.