Sunday, February 21, 2021

A 139-year-old house was moved several blocks in San Francisco today for a cost of around $400,000

SF Chronicle:
“We had to get 15 different city agencies to agree to this,” said veteran house mover Phil Joy. “Maybe it was 18 agencies. I’m not really sure.”

Along the route, parking meters were ripped up. Limbs from an overhanging laurel tree were trimmed. Traffic signs were relocated. Overhead traffic lights are coming down and overhead wires that power the 5-Fulton Muni line will be turned off and unstrung. No-Parking-tow-away-zone signs have been plastered all over like bad checks.


After the move is complete, the site at 807 Franklin St. is set to become a 48-unit, eight-story apartment building.... And the traveling Victorian will be anchored into place at 635 Fulton St. next to a historic mortuary