Saturday, February 20, 2021

She accidentally caused a human trafficking panic by placing roses on windshields in what she thought was a nice gesture

News from Ohio:

“I think (my fiancĂ©) ended up saying that he spent over $300 in just roses,” [she] said. “He was just going to throw them outside or in the trash, so I told him, instead of wasting, we should pass it on.”

So [she] enlisted the help of her sister and daughter, and the trio headed out to spread some love, by placing roses on vehicles.


Soon after the roses were left on vehicles, customers and Walmart employees began to discover them.

A store manager was so concerned after reviewing security footage that he called the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office.


“Once those calls starting coming in, and they really just blew up the phone lines, we knew at that point it might be something that we want to just go ahead and notify the community about, make them aware until we have further information about it,” [the deputy] said.

Here's Snopes on another rose-related panic from 2019.