Monday, February 1, 2021

A nurse got a Covid19 vaccine on camera, and now conspiracy theorists are harassing her, her employer, the police, and her friends and family

A long article by Emily Shugerman that emphasizes that the harassment continues regardless of what proof is presented by the nurse, her employer, and others:

In the video, [the nurse] can be seen getting the injection in her left arm, her deep-set blue eyes shining over the top of her surgical mask. A few minutes later, she stands to take questions from reporters, then stops and puts her hand to her head. She tells reporters she feels dizzy. Then she sinks slowly to her knees. Two other employees rush to her side to catch her before she hits the ground.

Minutes later, [the nurse] is back on her feet, telling television cameras that she suffers from a medical condition that makes her prone to fainting. “I have a history of having an overactive vagal response, and so with that if I have pain from anything—hangnail or if I stub my toe—I can just pass out,” she said.

It was a dramatic moment with a simple explanation: a common and largely benign medical condition that affects some 20 percent of the population. But for vaccine skeptics, it was all they needed to construct a vast conspiracy—and incite a targeted harassment campaign that shows no signs of stopping.


a spokesperson for the Chattanooga Police Department, told The Daily Beast the department’s social media had been flooded with comments about [the nurse], asking whether they were investigating her disappearance. (They are not, she confirmed, because there is nothing to investigate.) Just this week, the department received a call from a German radio host whose listeners apparently wanted more information.


The only thing [the police spokesman] could compare it to was a few years ago, when a rumor started circulating about young women getting abducted outside the local mall.