Friday, May 28, 2021

Man opposing building of skate park withdraws his objection after video of his behavior goes viral


A handful of local residents in the affluent seaside community are opposed to the redevelopment of a skate park on the seafront.

Despite the plans being approved by Swansea council, they are calling for a judicial review.

In response, a campaign has been launched on social media encouraging drivers to beep their horns as they drive past the site and the homes of the objectors on Mumbles Road.


On Wednesday, a video appeared on social media that showed [the man] and his wife confronting a group of young skateboarders on the small half-pipe ramp on the seafront.

Wales Online:

"Having taken time to reflect on the footage of the altercation that was filmed at the skate park on Wednesday evening, my wife ... and I unreservedly apologise for our actions that evening,"