Thursday, May 27, 2021

Wild drama breaks out a Pennsylvania school board meeting

A board member stopped attending meetings, but it's not clear whether the board member is dead. There's more:

Things grew heated when [the mayor] connected on line to comment. He pointed out the board had the legal right to vacate [the missing member's] seat after he missed two consecutive meetings, giving [the missing member] a chance to respond before filling the seat. Then [the mayor] flatly contended a threat had been made to keep the seat open until after the November election.

“Why has [the board president] or somebody acting on his behalf threatened the employment of a Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority member to keep the death of their family member a secret to avoid an opening on the board?” [the mayor] asked.

“On the advice of my attorney, that statement is being checked on and you will get an answer on that in time,” [the board president] replied.