Friday, May 28, 2021

Here's what it was like to accidentally attend "Adrian's Kickback"

Caitlin Schneider wrote up the experience:

~8 p.m. You’ll leave dinner at Duke’s Huntington Beach—awful acoustics, but better than you expected for a tourist spot!!—with your spouse, parents, in-laws, siblings, and siblings-in-law with the intention of walking the iconic pier to show your parents, who have never been to Huntington Beach, a little bit more of what your spouse’s hometown is like. ...

~8:05 p.m. Everyone will comment on how chilly it is. Someone will say that the pier seems busier than normal. Later this will serve as a different kind of chilly: chilly foreshadowing. 

~8:07 p.m. A roar will start to build on one side of the pier. What’s that? It’s teens. They seem to be swirling like a typhoon around a central point. What are they doing? Let’s run through the possibilities: Protesting? No, there are no signs. Dancing? Hmm, no music. Do they seem happy? Mad? It’s impossible to distinguish between the two. In any case, it seems calm enough, but again, why are there so many of them?