Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The CEO and chief operating officer of Texas’s largest charter school network were fired after a financial audit


IDEA Public Schools CEO [] and Chief Operating Officer [] have been fired after a forensic review found “substantial evidence” that top leaders at the state’s largest charter network misused money and staff for personal gain, the organization’s board president announced Tuesday.

In a letter to IDEA staff, Board President ... did allege that staff members’ actions “appeared to be done in a manner to avoid detection by the standard external audit and internal control processes that the Board had in place at the time.”

San Antonio Reports:

In late 2019, ... IDEA came under fire after the charter network made plans to spend millions of dollars leasing and operating a private jet. IDEA later backtracked on the plan, the Houston Chronicle reported. Other decisions also received scrutiny, like IDEA’s annual $400,000 expense on tickets and box seats at the AT&T Center and some board members’ business dealings with IDEA.

Last month:

The founder of a prominent New York City charter school network pilfered more than $200,000 from its accounts so he could get a better deal on a $2.37 million Manhattan apartment, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.


The criminal complaint includes a surveillance image of [the founder] sporting his signature Democracy Prep yellow cap in a bank while he carried out his scheme in 2019, authorities said.