Monday, May 10, 2021

Murder suspect and his tiger on the loose in Houston; Chinese zoo forced to admit three leopards escaped


A manhunt is underway in Houston as police search for a 26-year-old suspect who allegedly fled police with his pet tiger. The out on bond for a separate murder charge, and now faces a charge of evading arrest, officials said.

Late Sunday, a neighbor said he called police after spotting the tiger roaming around his neighborhood. But when officers arrived, the owner put the tiger in an SUV, and drove off, police said. After a brief pursuit, the suspect got away. 

Various clips gathered here.

Meanwhile, NBC:

Residents demanded answers Monday after a safari park in eastern China failed to inform authorities and residents for weeks that three of its leopards had gotten out of their enclosure.


On Saturday morning, the safari park merely announced that it would be suspending operations, citing safety issues, in a now-deleted post on its official WeChat platform. It made no mention of the escaped leopards.

However, after a surveillance video showing a leopard in the high-end Jinyuan Villa residential area went viral online Friday, the park was forced to finally inform the public about the escaped leopards.