Sunday, April 28, 2024

IndyCar team caught cheating in a race, claims it was an accident

Drivers can utilize the cars' push-to-pass button for an extra 50hp boost, but the cars' software is supposed to prevent use of the button on starts and restarts. However:

During last weekend’s event in Long Beach, the series found the three cars from [one team] were able to bypass that software restriction and use push-to-pass at any time.


[The team] issued a statement . . . after the matter was made public by the series and blamed a software oversight


[The team] also acknowledged [two of its three drivers] chose to use the illegal access to push-to-pass power, which calls into question whether the unfair advantage was known to exist in advance.


During an emotional 25-minute news conference at Barber Motorsports Park ahead of this weekend’s race, the two-time series champion insisted he is “not a liar” and didn’t intentionally break the rules.


“That’s wrong. If he thought that, why didn’t he push it at the start?” [another driver] said. “He didn’t push it at the start. He pushed it on the restarts. You would think when everybody is stacked up the most, you would push it. So that’s a lie.”


“I can guarantee you, it’s not just [the driver] in this,” [said another driver] said. “Obviously what he did was wrong, but I truly feel like him taking the fall for something that he needs a team of people to help with -- he can’t do it alone -- I think it’s a bit unfair to him.”

One suggestion

"If the DRS opened up [in F1], that's more visible you'd have everyone going 'what's going on'. So, I would like to understand how it was missed at the time and make sure that in the future there's the right information being looked at.

"I think on a restart is a little bit trickier because so many things are happening to see what car has got more speed, but they've all got onboard cameras, you can see the button getting pushed. So that's one thing from a series standpoint.