Thursday, April 18, 2024

Today's news and jokes

("The National Center of Meteorology, a government taskforce responsible for cloud seeding missions in the United Arab Emirates, denied reports that it carried out the weather modification technique in the run-up to heavy storms across the country, therefore exacerbating flooding in places like Dubai") ("The sense of skepticism from some about the true cause of the catastrophe highlights a frustrating duality: the public readiness to blame weather tampering directly aligns with a reluctance to accept that other human activities are actively contributing to the climate crisis and ultimately extreme events like this one.")

(Real) (Also, "The NHTSA Is Now Involved In the Tesla Cybertruck’s Stuck Throttle Fiasco")

(Wendi Murdoch deserved this type of coverage)

(Some noisy people professing to be upset about female Space Marines)

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