Saturday, April 20, 2024

Today's news and jokes

@beagleskiko Replying to @Steven Knight DAD WAS GETTING BULLIED 🤣🤣 This was probably the messiest, most chaotic video we’ve ever made… and there have been a few that were really up there on the chaos scales!! 😅 Due to the amount of chaos, this is the first 2 minute cooking video - hope you enjoy!! Ingredients used: oats, egg, bell pepper, beetroot, cauliflower, beef, cheese [Disclaimer: we own the full rights to this video and we do not give permission for this video to be used or reposted] #beagle #funnydog #beaglesoftiktok #dog #dogcontent #viralvideos #cookingwithdogs #cookingwithbeagles #viral #dogparent ♬ LOONEY TUNES PART 2 - Cavendish

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