Thursday, April 4, 2024

Oklahoma University's president says they"would look to other cities to build an arena" if the city council doesn't approve the proposed plan

First time I've seen a university president suggest the team could move to a different city if they don't get their way:
In his Evans Hall office, [the university president] told OU Daily that if Norman City Council does not approve the proposed $1 billion entertainment district that would feature a new arena for OU athletics, then the university, alongside donors, would look to other cities to build an arena for which its basketball and women’s gymnastics teams would be anchor tenants and possibly the entertainment district as a whole. 

“I’m very hopeful and do everything I can to keep it here in Norman,” [the university president] said. “But if this isn’t approved by the city council for whatever reason, then we’re going to be looking at other (cities), Oklahoma City, Moore, surrounding areas and figure out where is there a group that wants to do this.” 
The future of the Royals and Chiefs in Kansas City was thrown into question Tuesday night when residents of Jackson County, Missouri, resoundingly voted down a sales tax measure that would have helped to fund a new downtown ballpark along with major renovations to Arrowhead Stadium.