Thursday, May 10, 2018

"He’s a biker attorney who specialized in getting small-time defendants off. He’s considered a gang member by Texas police. And now he’s the county’s chief prosecutor"

For his entire 10-year career, Gonzales had specialized in getting accused criminals off the hook—working most closely with low-income, mostly minority offenders, fighting low-level charges for marijuana and other substances. His pride in his work is expressed in a spectacular tattoo that he had inked across his chest a few years ago, reading, in colorful gothic type, “Not Guilty.”


Gonzalez has staked out a couple of issues on which he wants to play reformer: a cite-and-release program for cases involving minuscule amounts of marijuana and a domestic violence initiative that includes assisting cosmetologists to spot signs of abuse in their clients.


he’s also become a target for the (mostly white) legal community and local law enforcement in Corpus Christi, who’ve been making an issue, both loudly and quietly, of his ties to the biker gang. They have raised questions about his competence, since he’s only tried three cases so far and somehow managed to get his law license suspended last year by not paying his dues to the state bar.