Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"USC let a gynecologist continue treating students despite years of misconduct allegations"

For nearly 30 years, the University of Southern California's student health clinic had one full-time gynecologist


The complaints began in the 1990s, when co-workers alleged he was improperly photographing students' genitals. In the years that followed, patients and nursing staff accused him again and again of "creepy" behavior, including touching women inappropriately during pelvic exams and making sexually suggestive remarks about their bodies.

In recent years, some colleagues feared that he was targeting the university's growing population of Chinese students, who often had a limited understanding of the English language and American medical norms.

Still, [the doctor] was allowed to continue practicing. It was not until 2016, when a frustrated nurse went to the campus rape crisis center, that he was suspended.


in a secret deal last summer, top administrators allowed [the doctor] to resign quietly with a financial payout.

The university did not inform [the doctor]'s patients. Nor did USC report him at the time to the Medical Board of California


He holds licenses in Hawaii and the Philippines. He has said he intends to work well into his 80s.