Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Like most Americans alive today — young or old — Mr. Stern had never heard of this government-approved oppression of the female gender, which was known for decades as the 'American Plan'"

His senses and curiosity quickly awoke when his professor referred to the United States’ version a century ago of its own “concentration camps,” ones used in America’s case to detain and quarantine women suspected of transmitting sexual diseases. For days, weeks or months at a time, tens of thousands of suspected prostitutes and others deemed to be loose women of questionable moral character were rounded up and locked away, without due process.

The detentions included invasive, forced gynecological examinations of females as young as their early teens and painful, ineffective treatments


“This was all very sexist, in that any woman who might be promiscuous could be deemed a threat to national security
From last year:
Scott W. Stern's The Trials of Nina McCall, the true story of one of the largest mass quarantines in U.S. history and the women who fought against it, is being adapted into a film.