Thursday, May 3, 2018

The plot of 1991's The Infinity Gauntlet was that Thanos was an incel

Angry that Mistress Death is still rejecting him, Thanos offers her tokens of affection. After creating a large shrine to Mistress Death, he traps burn victim Nebula in a painful state on the verge of death, which he believes to be a beautiful piece of art. When these offers are ineffective, Thanos vents his anger in a wave of force that destroys nearby stars. It has dissipated by the time it reaches Earth, but still causes widespread disasters. Mephisto suggests Mistress Death is unhappy because Thanos has not yet completed his task, and Thanos causes half of the living things in the universe to vanish with a literal snap of his fingers.


Thanos tries to make Mistress Death jealous by creating Terraxia, his "ideal companion."