Saturday, January 5, 2019

Where in North Dakota Is Carmen Sandiego? was "Intended as a form of 'pilot program' to test whether region-specific versions for the remaining 49 states were financially viable"

Although 5,000 school copies were sold to schools in the region, the game has become extremely rare and only three retail copies are known to exist (sources conflict whether they are complimentary versions offered to educators who worked on the project, or stock left for mail order at a game shop in North Dakota), although it is currently unproven if retail copies were ever sold.

Where in North Dakota Is Carmen Sandiego? constitutes the fourth game in the Carmen Sandiego video game series (which includes World, U.S.A., and Europe). In contrast to these previous titles which were developed internally, North Dakota was instead largely developed by a team of fourteen educators led by computer coordinator Craig Nansen, concept designer Bonny Berryman, and co-chairwoman Mary Littler collectively known as the North Dakota Database Committee of the Minot Public Schools, who made the game idea a reality Having observed the popularity of the Carmen Sandiego franchise in the education of school children, the educators were inspired to develop a North Dakota version to teach North Dakotans about their state's history and geography
(There are playthroughs on YOutube)