Thursday, March 10, 2016

Link roundup

1. "On Wednesday, University of Florida journalism professor Mike Foley was called to the stand in a St. Petersburg, Fla. courtroom to testify for the plaintiff, Terry Bollea (better known by his “Hulk Hogan” stage name) against Gawker."
Foley, who is being paid $350/hr for his expert testimony, said that he believed there was "no question" that Gawker violated the Society of Professional Journalists' Code of Ethics


The SPJ is tired of attorneys treating it like it is.

"In 2009, we added an explicit disclaimer saying that it was not legally enforceable. It doesn’t establish a standard of care for journalists,"
2. "Las Vegas Utilities Really Don’t Want the Strip to Go Solar"
Together, the casinos’ 15 properties account for 7 percent of NV Energy’s electricity sales, and if that income were lost, the utility says, its remaining customers would have to endure significant rate hikes. As a result, the public utility commission (PUC) of Nevada is demanding resorts pay tens of millions of dollars to leave NV Energy’s services
3. John Batman was one of the founders of Melbourne.