Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Go treasure hunting in an Arita porcelain warehouse for just 5000 yen"
Make your reservation by phone (they only allow 10 people per day)

Show up at your designated time, select your course (5,000 yen or 10,000 yen) and pay

Get a 30-min tour of the facility

Begin your 90-min treasure hunt. You’ll be given a pair of gloves, a flashlight and a basket. You can take home everything you fit in your basket.
2. From that AMA with the current #1 Clash Royale player:
I think they've already made the mistake of making the game SO expensive & take so long to progress so soon after launch - at this time in Clash of Clans' lifespan, they had only just released TH9... whereas in Clash Royale it takes $12,000 or a decade to max out your commons/rares/epics.


I make a big deal about the current cheating because it's super important that Supercell doesn't let Clash Royale turn into Clash of Clans when it comes to modding/exploitation. They need to stomp it out


I've spent $30k total between the games on my main accounts ($18k Clash of Clans + $12k Clash Royale)
3. Jeff Bezos liked the Thursday Next books?
Sometimes Bezos’s creativity gets the better of him. Prakash says the owner suggested a gamelike feature that would allow a [Washington Post] reader who didn’t enjoy an article to pay to remove its vowels. He called it “disemvoweling,” and the concept was to allow another reader to pay to restore the missing letters.
4. "Dinosaur Atrocity" toy packaging.