Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Student contest to name Los Angeles's new tunnel boring machine

Why do we name the TBM?
Traditionally, a TBM cannot start work until it is given a name. The TBM is generally named after a woman as a sign of good luck for the project ahead. History shows that workers looked to Saint Barbara for protection; she is the patron saint for military engineers, miners and others who work underground.

Name the TBM for a chance to make history! Enter to win cool prizes and the opportunity to have the name you’ve chosen displayed on the #RegionalTBM.

How to Enter
Submit an essay of 200 words or less OR a 2-minute (or less) video about your chosen name for the TBM.

Tell us about the significance of the name you have chosen and how it relates to your community, transportation or engineering. Have fun and be creative, witty and clever!

Names can be real or fictional. All entries must be a female name or character.

You must be a middle or high school student to enter.

Submit your entry by 5pm April 15, 2016.