Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Last fall, a Maryland man’s frequent activities at a local casino resulted in robbers using a GPS tracker to follow him home. Days later, they bound and gagged his two children, then stole $6,000 in cash plus an iPhone 6."
If that wasn't crazy enough, [he] was also followed by someone else . . . His wife . . . had hired a private investigator to keep tabs on [him]


Townsend then resumed his mission to put his own GPS tracker on the Audi, but found that there was already a GPS tracker there, near the rear passenger side tire. The PI then moved this tracker toward the driver’s side of Guzman’s car and put his own underneath the undercarriage between the front and rear doors.
2. Helen Mirren kissing Colbert on the mouth.

3. "L.A. County Forced The Clouds To Make It Rain More On Monday"