Thursday, March 17, 2016

Solid rewriting of the Star Wars prequels

The intro:
Basically focus on how the Clone War takes a toll on the Jedi, compress most of the current ep. 2 into the first half of ep. 2. How the battles are “won” and lost at great cost for the Jedi creating a cycle of hate, grief and misery within the order that further breaks them.

Many die.

A few turn to the darkside, killing more still. They have to be hunted down and killed.

Meanwhile, they increasingly have to rely on a prodigal Jedi: Skywalker.

Indeed Skywalker reveals himself particularly gifted in hunting them down.

Quickly, to preserve their numbers and allow Masters to focus on the war, Skywalker is assigned almost exclusively the Jedi hunting missions. Willfully and out of necessity perhaps, the Jedi ignore that Skywalker too is increasingly burdened by the conflict.

Where they truly Dark Jedi? Does he enjoys it? Did he even let them surrender? Rumours spread. He becomes the Jedi who kills other Jedis, he's a pariah within the ranks.