Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Link roundup

1. "We are using birds of prey to intercept hostile drones"
We are receiving a lot of requests from the international press to attend or film one of our trainingsessions or demonstrations in the next couple of weeks, this is not possible at this time.
“Bald eagles are not bird predators,” said president of the Raptor Conservancy of Virginia, Kent Knowles. “They eat fish and carrion…[Drone hunting] is dangerous because drones are not like anything bald eagles or other birds of prey find in nature…I don’t think they have any understanding of what drones are.”

Even if the instinct were natural, the act of catching a drone in midair is dangerous. To test just how dangerous the blades are, Mythbusters performed an experiment using a dead chicken. When held close to the chicken, the blades sliced directly through its skin
2. "The Philippines' Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) said on Wednesday it is investigating an $81 million deposit at one of its branches on suspicion of money laundering."
The announcement came after the Philippine Daily Inquirer last month reported millions of dollars stolen by hackers from a Bangladeshi financial institution had entered the Philippines via a branch of the mid-sized lender.
3. "ACLU sues Orleans Public Defenders office over refusal of cases"
The Orleans Public Defenders office announced Monday that it will start refusing certain felony cases where defendants face lengthy or life sentences. Because of the shortage of public defenders, many clients are placed on a waiting list.