Sunday, March 6, 2016

Link roundup

1. "Chinese woman trapped for a month in an elevator starves to death"
Elevator maintenance men returning to work after a month-long break for Chinese New Year made a horrific discovery
2. "When a Chinese clothing company swooped in and offered to sponsor Kenya’s famed runners, Nike panicked, Kenyan officials say."
In a contract signed several years ago, Nike agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in honorariums and a one-time $500,000 “commitment bonus,” which the former employee called a bribe.

The money was supposed to be used to help train and support poor Kenyan athletes who dream of running their way out of poverty.

3. "Driver plows into [Southern California] federal building in an allegedly deliberate attack"
The suspected assailant's vehicle and the building, colloquially known as "the Ziggurat," were inspected by the bomb squad and deemed safe
4. Political urinals.