Sunday, March 6, 2016

Link roundup

1. "In the expanding realm ruled by Randal J. Kirk, sliced apples don’t brown. Salmon grow twice as fast without swimming upriver to spawn. Beloved cats are reborn."
And male mosquitoes are unleashed with the sole mission to mate, pass on a gene that kills their offspring, and die.


While Zika was not on his radar when the deal was announced, Mr. Kirk now appears to be the prescient owner of a potential bioweapon — Oxitec’s genetically engineered mosquitoes
2. "He does not view these practices as enhanced interrogation techniques, focused on dragging needed information out of captives."
He sees them as useful for the purpose of frightening the enemy, that is, he embraces terrorism.
3. "Internal Data Offers Glimpse At Uber Sex Assault Complaints"
The [Uber] official noted that 68 riders and 12 drivers have the first or last name 'Rape'"