Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Link roundup

1. "The U.S. gun industry is trying to shake off the Hollywood hitman image of the gun silencer and rebrand it as a hearing-protection device"
In October, [Arizona Republican Representative Matt Salmon] introduced legislation that would replace the silencer screening process with a simpler background check.
2. "On Monday, Uber walked back a core explanation for the thousands of tickets in its customer support ticket system with the subject 'rape.'"
Uber’s update notes, “We apologize to Zendesk for using an imperfect (and fictitious) example that doesn’t accurately represent their search functionality.”
3. "A Dinner Club Inspired By Los Angeles' Most Lurid, Sensational Legends"
The dinner took us back to Fleiss' heyday, however, before her arrest and at the height of her crimes. When I first walked in, I was asked to write my name in a little black book. I was then given my seat number, which was printed on a motel key attached to a golden fork. A woman handed me a Zima—not a real Zima, but a fruity vodka drink