Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Cast costumes designed for Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge; Designing the movie Captain Marvel costume

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One trick was creating a combination of materials to ensure that the stretch panels continuously bounce back to the original form — to avoid any distracting and unsightly sagging — after all the intense action sequences. For the Captain Marvel suit, Hays used a mix of leather backed by four-way stretch and panels of spandex-like specialty fabric. The Kree suits were created from a synthetic and pliable "liquid leather," not just to accommodate the action, but also to survive through "the wind, the water, every possible situation,"


Hays and the team also conducted countless color tests for maximum on-screen effect. The black panels on the Kree suits are printed with a "slight teal undertone," and shimmer under certain lighting and movements, and match the gleaming armor parts. The red on the Captain Marvel suit was painted with a tactile technique to evoke the feel of velvet on-screen.


First, Park had to conceptualize how — and why — a faux-hawk-styling helmet would pop out of nowhere in live-action. "My thinking was: 'This is an alien helmet created by the Kree, so their technology is far superior to ours,'" he says, comparing it to say, Starlord's or Black Panther's hi-tech masks, which instantaneously materialize. "So, as the helmet is forming, it's grabbing her hair up into that vertical position. Why wouldn't that make sense?"