Monday, February 18, 2019

"What is a fact that you think sounds completely false and that makes you angry that it's true?"

Coolth is an actual word and it's the opposite of warmth

crocodiles can climb trees

If you mix water and sawdust and freeze it, the resulting 'ice' melts extremely slowly. like, 'weeks at room temperature' slowly

A spaghetto is one noodle of spaghetti
A dark story from the same thread:
Yo talking about capybaras. I thought they were great animals and were definitely my favourites at the local animal sanctuary.


I helped out one day cleaning up all the animal shelters, etc. and they have one capybara who is completely seperated from the rest. Thought it was weird so I asked why he is all alone.

Turns out they put him together with other animals (and other capybara) and every morning there would be animals with several bites/several dead capybaras, etc. and they couldn't figure out what the fuck was wrong.

They placed a night camera and turns out the capybara that is now separated was the goddamn problem! He murdered them, absolute psycho.