Thursday, August 8, 2019

AirBnB experience offers to "Simulate the Interview Loop" for $4,497 per person

From the entry:
About your host
In 2013, I co-founded Amazon Game Studios in a series of direct pitches to Jeff Bezos. Amazon has since acquired Twitch and invested hundreds of millions of dollars in gaming.

I was also an Amazon Bar Raiser with 350+ interviews. Bar Raisers are esteemed Amazonians who determine whether the company should hire a job candidate or not. Lastly, I was a New-hire Orientation Host who inculcates new hires in the Amazon culture, during their first day on the job.

What we’ll do
We recommend taking the "Prepare For The Interview" experience prior to taking "Simulate The Interview Loop."
During the simulation, candidates interview with former Amazon employees, matched to the candidate’s job level and function.

After the interview loop, candidates attend their own debrief as “a fly on the wall.” During the debrief, candidates witness the interview team deliberate and decide whether to “hire” the candidate based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles and functional competencies.

Lastly, if needed, candidates find out how to evolve from a “no-hire” to a “hire” outcome. This type of coaching is valuable because Amazon does not provide official interview feedback to rejected candidates. In contrast, during our simulation, candidates receive constructive feedback, without the outcome counting against them.
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