Wednesday, August 21, 2019

"Apple warns you may permanently discolor your Apple Card if it’s stored in leather"

The Verge:
Apple is advising customers store it in some container made of soft material — but not leather — and to make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any loose metal objects (and of course magnets, as that could demagnetize the strip). The company also advises cleaning the card with only a slightly damp microfiber cloth dipped in water or isopropyl alcohol. “Don’t use window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card,” warns the support page.

This all sounds a little excessive, as most people don’t take such studious care of their credit cards, let alone forgo a leather wallet just to avoid discoloration.


The only solution to that, I’m guessing, is the advent of the Apple Card case.
‘I’m not even 30, and I’m flying my own jet’ — Silicon Beach elites take a seat in the cockpit


Planes have long been a passion of the rich, particularly in Los Angeles, which boasts more than a dozen general aviation airports and near perfect year-round weather for flying. But among Silicon Beach elites like Mah, who moved from San Francisco to Venice last fall, having a pilot’s license is less about leisure than it is a program of self-improvement. For engineers, flying is fun with applied math. It’s intellectual exercise in the guise of a sport.


“Some are a little socially inept, so the idea of going to an airliner and being herded through by TSA — it’s like, no way.”