Friday, August 30, 2019

The latest Figma figure is a deep cut: Village of Eight Gravestones

The figure:
From the 1977 classic film by director Yoshitaro Nomura, Village of Eight Gravestones, based on the novel by Seishi Yokomizo, comes a figma of the crazed head of the Tajimi family, Yozo Tajimi.
From a movie description:
A young man (Kenichi Hagiwara) discovers he is heir to a large estate in the village called Yatsuhakamura. But on the moment that he comes into contact with his heritage, villagers begin to die under agonizing situations.

The victims are descendants of villagers who conspired, four hundred years earlier, to drug & murder eight samurai who had tried to become farmers in the region.

The village's history has been marked by periodic mass murders, shown in vivid & horrifying flashbacks. Since the young heir's father was himself a mass murderer, villagers are certain that the man orphaned in childhood has to be responsible for the new series of murders.