Sunday, August 25, 2019

"I became a Sea of Thieves boss battle for a father and his son"

Cass Marshall for Polygon:
And then I saw the other sloop. When I see a ship in Sea of Thieves, I can choose to try and ally, turn and fight, or escape through superior sailing. However, I chose to default to my instinctual behavior: I turned, grabbed the speaking horn that would broadcast my voice, and shouted: “HEWWO? HEWWO!!”

If me and that other sloop weren’t locked into combat before, we were then. And then, I heard it. This sloop wasn’t laden with terrible teenagers, or silent hunters looking to brawl. There was a father and son aboard, and the son was excitedly chattering to his dad about how he hoped I had lots of treasure.

I was pretty confident I could have outsailed them; I’m a veteran pirate, after all, and I had a significant head start. But that would be the course of action of a coward. Instead, I chose to become immortal. I would give them my loot ... as long as they could best me in combat. After all, if the boss fights in the Tall Tales quests are fun, surely it’d also be a blast to encounter a random boss in the world.


Throughout the battle, I heard the two of them excitedly chattering to each other. That just fueled my resolve to make this the perfect level of difficulty. I wouldn’t hand them the loot — that would be a coward’s move — but I sure as hell would make them work for it.

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