Thursday, August 22, 2019

Patricia Lockwood reveals all about her Twitter famous cat Miette

At the Cut:

We had gone in to the SPCA to see another cat, actually, and my husband was like, No, let’s look at this garbage cat.


Miette’s the last one we got, and then it felt like — okay, this is all we need. I mean, three cats is a lot anyway.


And we got Gilly. And then I was like, well … maybe she wants a friend. And then we got Fenriz and we were like, Wow, this guy’s personality is terrible. And then we went with Miette.


Her three games are — the first is Rug, where she just runs to a fur rug and you pet her while she looks up at you with admiration. Her second game is called Rice, which is where you open a secret cabinet and allow her to lick a bag of jasmine rice that has been in there for two years. I don’t know if it secretes a sort of hormone or something where she’s like, Oh, I’m married to this bag of rice, fah-tha! So you open the little cabinet and she goes in there and she just licks the bag for as long as you hold the door open. We have literally no idea why. And Rat — she plays with a little rat that she’s had since she was a little kitten, when it was basically as big as her body. She just sort of sits with it.