Friday, August 23, 2019

"Employees connect[ed] nuclear plant to the internet so they [could] mine cryptocurrency"

Ukrainian authorities are investigating a potential security breach at a local nuclear power plant after employees connected parts of its internal network to the internet so they could mine cryptocurrency.


Investigators are examining if attackers might have used the mining rigs as a pivot point to enter the nuclear power plant's network and retrieve information from its systems, such as data about the plant's physical defenses and protections.
And speaking of cryptocurrency, from an article about the Overstock CEO's behavior this week:
In late 2017 – as the infamous cryptocurrency bull run began hitting its stride – Overstock made a seemingly random pivot away from selling home wares to blockchain-based technologies.

It began testing a cryptocurrency trading platform called tZero and raised over $130 million from a private initial coin offering (ICO) last year.