Wednesday, August 7, 2019

"How bust sculptor Blair Buswell carved out Hall of Fame career"

ESPN from 2015:
Blair Buswell is a happy man. As the chief sculptor of the busts for the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- his dream job -- Buswell is usually beaming as he sits with a player or coach to mold his likeness. But he offers each of them one piece of advice before beginning the process: Don't smile.

"Bronze teeth don't look very good," Buswell said. "It's probably not best to do the big open smile because you'll have dark brown teeth."

Of course, some players would not be themselves without showcasing their trademark smiles, and Buswell is always happy to oblige. In 2004, Buswell meticulously shaped and reshaped John Elway's two front teeth after the quarterback initially said they looked like Chiclets.


Buswell leaves it up to the inductees to decide whether they want a scowl or a smile