Wednesday, August 14, 2019

" is saddened to report the passing of Barbara March. . .who made her mark on the Star Trek franchise with her memorable performances as the fierce Klingon, Lursa"

she relished both the Lursa role and the fan base's enduring embrace of her character. "It's amazing," she told Ian Spelling in 1994, during an interview for the official Star Trek Generations magazine. "We were really surprised by how popular Lursa and B'Etor are. I think it's because, in one sense, these women have a great deal of power. They're very emotional, almost a bad Laurel and Hardy team. They're rebellious, strong, and can kick butt, and there just aren't that many female characters on television who control things like the Duras sisters try to do.


Also an author and playwright, March was married since 1979 to Scarfe [who appeared in three Star Trek episodes]
*Previously Lursa and B'etor fan art.