Thursday, August 15, 2019

“'We take pride in the fact that we can Popify about anything,' says Sean Wilkinson, Funko’s creative director"


“There’s literally a certain height of eyes a certain width apart, and the head being two-thirds the size of the body, it’s a set ratio,” he explains. “Like baby animals with big eyes that are kind of far apart. I think it’s sort of born in us to be attracted to these things.”


Yet it’s also undeniable that many people find Funko Pops ugly or unnerving


A May 2019 investor presentation from the company boasts that a Pop can be designed and submitted to a licensor in 24 hours, molded into a prototype in 45 days, and “sourced from Asian facilities while maintaining quality control” in just 15 days. Funko also prides itself on its low production costs — each new figure costs between $5,000 and $7,500 to develop.


On the Funko website, there are currently 29 distinct figurines of TV host Conan O’Brien
some of the most recent Funko Pop preorders are based on The Purge and Us: