Sunday, January 5, 2020

Editing suggestions for Rise of Skywalker; The Wampa without its head; Make a Star Tours series

From a very long list of observations:
Palpatine wants Rey to become a vessel for him in the conclusion of the movie, so the line at the beginning where he tells Kylo Ren to kill her should probably be cut or replaced.


Palpatine's final arena can't simultaneously be buried deep underground, reachable only via intimidatingly scary elevator platform, and exposed to the sky so he can Force lightning the entire battle. You've got to pick one.
And I guess I had already completely checked out because I didn't get a hint of this:
The closing scenes of the final film of a trilogy of trilogies are probably not the best time for raising questions like "Is Jannah Lando's daughter?" Even if they were, while you have an amazing talent for creating truly riveting mysteries — I cannot deny the audience figures, Lost hooked even me at first — "Is Jannah Lando's daughter?" is an incredibly poor excuse for a mystery. This is not an open-ended question, it's a binary yes/no. But more importantly, nobody cares about either of those possible answers. They're related! Who cares? They're not related! Who cares? No, I'm not saying scrap that scene. I'm saying scrap the character of Jannah entirely.

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