Tuesday, January 14, 2020

"Meet Anthony Peterson: The Man Who Won $1,000 in Scratch-Offs in Madison Square Garden"

Action Network:
Whether you’re a basketball fan, a League Pass viewer, or someone who has attended an NBA game in person, you have likely at some point witnessed an in-game promotion that features a fan attempting a halfcourt shot in hopes of winning a prize.

These prizes can vary.


RP: What was your reaction when you found out the prize was $1,000 worth of lottery scratchers?

AP: Well, when they said scratch-offs I instantly got a headache because I was going to have to scratch them all off. I thought about who I could hire to do it for me, but then figured they might want some of the money, so I negated that idea. I was sort of like, “What the f*ck man? Some dude just won $100,000 doing the same shit in L.A. and I get some bum ass lottery tickets.” Still a blessing though.