Friday, January 10, 2020

"Succession crisis in Oman: Sultan dies – leaves name of successor in sealed envelope"

There is no heir apparent in Oman and the Sultan was unmarried.


According to the the rules of the sultanate’s succession, the Royal Family Council must now choose a new sultan.

If the council of 50 male members fail to agree on a successor, then the envelope left by Sultan Qaboos will be opened.

Whoever the late Sultan named as his successor will then be enthroned
The sultan deposed his father in a bloodless coup with British support in 1970.


At the age of 29 he overthrew his father, Said bin Taimur, a reclusive and ultra-conservative ruler who banned a range of things, including listening to the radio or wearing sunglasses, and decided who could get married, be educated or leave the country.