Sunday, April 23, 2023

A look at the think tanks that have "found remarkable success among Republicans to relax regulations that prevent children from working long hours in dangerous conditions"

WaPo (I guess the think tank believes parents and kids can make some decisions for themselves):

a confederation of conservative state-level think tanks that practice what leaders call the “Ikea model” of advocacy, its president said during the group’s 2013 conference. Affiliates such as the FGA display prefabricated policy projects for state officials, then provide the tools — including research and lobbying support — to push proposals through legislative and administrative processes.


The FGA-backed measures maintain existing child labor safety protections “while removing the permission slip that inserts government in between parents and their teenager’s desire to work,” ... the foundation’s vice president, said in a statement.

“Frankly, every state, including Missouri, should follow Arkansas’s lead to allow parents and their teenagers to have the conversation about work and make that decision themselves,” said ... a visiting fellow at the Opportunity Solutions Project.