Sunday, April 23, 2023

I enjoyed Cory Doctorow's new travelogue/thriller "Red Team Blues"

Unlike James Bond, who mostly sneaks around so that he can shoot a lot of people, the hero of Red Team Blues mostly sneaks around so he can trace and expose the flow of illegal money (thus provoking a lot of people into shooting each other). But like a good James Bond story, the plot of Red Team Blues is largely beside the point, and serves to help the reader imagine going on a rewarding business trip. The page-turner's at its best as a vivid travelogue for the central coast of California--the hero's equally at home in the burnt out husk of a Mendocino village, the picturesque college town of San Luis Obispo (this is the inn that gets a mention), and the grim encampments of San Francisco. Everywhere he goes, he knows how to find appropriate gear, eat delicious food, and make interesting allies. And the ladies absolutely throw themselves at him.

The book's available at Amazon (release date 4/25), and here's the accompanying book tour info.