Wednesday, April 26, 2023

"Who Was Rupert Murdoch’s Two-Week Fiancée?"


In 1988, she was involved in an imbroglio at a society gala on the dance floor of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. Reuters described the melee as “a shoving match between two San Francisco socialites” .... “She pulled my hair,” [the victim] said in an interview for this article. “She scratched me.” [She] pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault and was ordered to donate $3,000 to a shelter for abused women, Reuters reported at the time.


[Her] life began to turn around when she became a Christian, she told the network, adding that she had started doing volunteer work as a chaplain for police departments in Marin County. In 1999, she wed ... a former percussionist in the rock band Santana. The fact of that marriage, which lasted about a year


Her third marriage was to ... a radio and television entrepreneur in Modesto, Calif., who had started out as a disc jockey and country singer. [She] appeared at his side on the cover of ... a 2005 album .... In the photo, [she] is dressed in a police uniform with a priest’s collar, her hand on her husband’s shoulder.

And of course: