Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Funny summary of an attempted lawsuit by a very famous celebrity lawyer

From Matt Levine's April 24 newsletter, which has a lengthy write-up of the legal shenanigans:
Ultimately this defense worked, and the judge dismissed [the extremely famous celebrity lawyer]’s lawsuit. I love that a famous US lawyer learned of Swiss companies defrauding a Venezuelan company out of billions of dollars, and his natural first reaction was to go to a US federal court to get it to order those companies to give him the money instead. “If a US lawyer notices anyone stealing any money anywhere in the world, that money belongs to him, and a US court will enforce his rights to it” is not 100% wrong as a description of US law, which explains a lot about the extraterritorial application of US law, the hegemony of the dollar system, and the entrepreneurial American legal culture. But it is not 100% right either, and it did not work out for [the extremely famous celebrity lawyer].