Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Alabama just rescinded its recruitment of a basketball player after his arrest, but I guessed wrong as to why the player was arrested

The player had announced his transfer to Alabama's basketball program, but got arrested, so Alabama canceled those plans. The details of what were found in the car indeed sound bad. But can you guess which of the details justified the arrest?:

[The player] told police there was a loaded firearm under the passenger seat where he was sitting, and an officer noticed a rolling tray, a baggie containing some 20 grams of marijuana and a half-rolled blunt in the passenger side floorboard, police said.

Officers found two more loaded weapons and another baggie containing 12 grams of marijuana that police said belonged to [the player's companion].

In Alabama, as of Jan. 1, a permit is no longer required to carry a concealed handgun or to carry one in a vehicle.


[The two men] were both charged with second-degree possession of marijuana and released after posting $500 bond. The driver was not charged.