Thursday, April 13, 2023

The former Comixology executives are creating a new business to sell limited edition digital comics to speculators?

From a long interview at the Beat:

MacDonald: But there will be digital scarcity?

Steinberger: Yeah, exactly. So the idea is that, the vertical marketplace is only. People can come in and buy single issues the day it comes out, probably Wednesday morning. And we’ll figure out long term how it’s working.

Mosher: What we’re trying to do with digital is replicate the fun of collecting print single issues in the digital marketplace.

Steinberger: Right now we’re planning on releasing Wednesday and turning off sales on Tuesday. Whatever sells, sells. And then there will be a vertical marketplace for consumers, on for consumers to sell to each other.

Mosher: With a perpetual royalty on every initial sale and resale going back to the creator.

MacDonald: I know you’ve used the term “digital collectibles” in some early PR, which is what they’re calling NFT’s nowadays. So let’s be real clear about this. Are you doing NFTs?

Steinberger: You’re going to buy our books with dollars. And only on One complaint from creators is something that affects both collectors and creators, getting their work stolen and sold as an NFT an OpenSea. And as soon as you have a hit NFT, OpenSea fills up with people looking like you, trying to take your name and make an account for a little bit of time. They might fool a bunch of people. If you see anything from DSTLRY on OpenSea or anywhere else on a public NFT, that’s not us.

MacDonald: Is the blockchain involved with this?

Steinberger: We’re considering a ledger database. 

Speaking of comics, I took advantage of Midtown's latest clearance sale to pick up some old back issues and also get the new Unstoppable Doom Patrol just because I wanted to reward DC for the cleverness in creating a scratch off cover: